SERVPRO of Catonsville Employee Photos

Holiday Crew 2014

Crew & Office Holiday Pic 2014

Crew Photo 2015

Crew photo October 2015

Crew Photo 2016

Our annual crew photo

Office Staff Photo 2016

Our annual office staff photo

Christina Weippert

So proud of the dedication and hard work that Chrissy has brought to our staff for 15 years!  She is one of our most valuable employees with numerous certifications including ASD, WRT, FRT and many more.

Crew Photo 2017

Our Annual Crew Photo

Office Staff 2017

Our Office Staff 2017

2018 Crew

Our responsible team

Office Team 2018

Our Office Team is here to help with all of your questions and concerns

2019 Crew Breakfast

Celebrated Easter with a breakfast outing for our staff.  It was a delicious treat.

Purple Friday

Purple Friday 2022

Purple Friday!  Go Ravens!  Our office and marketing staff wearing their purple.  

Annual Office Photo

Office Staff Photo 2022

Our office team is here to help with any questions and concerns.  Call us anytime. 

Annual Crew Photo

Crew Photo 2022

Our crews are ready to help 24/7!

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