Recent Before & After Photos

Sewage Back-up into Tub

This homeowner was totally shocked and at a loss of what to do when she saw that sewage had backed up into her tub. A neighbor suggested she call us. We cleaned... READ MORE

Just Like New

Using the hot water extraction method from a truck mount unit and specialty stain removal chemicals, our carpet technician was able to get the stain out of thi... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning

In addition to Fire and Water Restoration and Mold Remediation SERVPRO can also do general cleaning and carpet cleaning for both businesses and residential. Sho... READ MORE

Sewage Loss

Sewage and other bio hazardous losses require careful mitigation, specialty products and personal protective equipment. In addition, to clean the air it is some... READ MORE

Smokey Cookie Jar Lid

A small kitchen fire quickly turned this white Dalmation Cookie Jar Lid into a brown, smoke and soot covered Dalmation. SERVPRO has specialty chemicals designed... READ MORE

Removal of Flooring

If the source of the water in a water damage is unsanitary or if the water has been sitting on the flooring for an extended amount of time it is sometimes neces... READ MORE

Muddy Storm Water

Muddy storm water flooded the basement in this Arbutus home. Gusty winds and torrential downpours left about a foot of water and mud covering everything that it... READ MORE

Drilling Holes VS. Removing Drywall

To minimize damage mitigation of a water damage should be started as soon as possible. Delaying the phone call for help usually only causes more issues. In this... READ MORE

Mold on Drywall

Mold grows best in warm, moist, and dark conditions. Moisture is the most critical requirement for the fungi growth. For this reason it is crucial that any area... READ MORE

Mold in Baltimore Basement

Proper treatment, including controlling and ultimately eliminating mold is a vital component of water damage restoration. If not promptly re-mediated, the fungi... READ MORE