Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Soot on Carpet

Here you see soot that has been tracked on the carpet. Soot can be tricky to clean and sometimes if not cleaned properly it can cause more permanent damage. At SERVPRO our employees are trained and certified at fire restoration. 

Wood Stove Fire

An unattended wood stove caused the fire in this home. A board up and complete pack out were the result. Notice the ceiling fan. The fire burned so hot it melted the blades. 

Bathroom Affected with Soot

This residential fire in Randallstown required a board up and a complete pack-out. SERVPRO understands that losses like this can be overwhelming but we are here to assist you with dealing with your insurance company and getting thru it one step at a time.  

Extensive Kitchen Fire

A complete pack-out was required for this extensive kitchen fire loss.  Contents were boxed and brought back to our warehouse for storage until the home could be rebuilt and ready for move back. 

Chimney Fire in Reisterstown

A chimney fire caused smoke and soot damage to a two level home in Reisterstown.  Smoke and soot could be found thru out the entire home as well as the attic. All the insulation was removed from the attic and a thorough cleaning was done of the structure and contents.

Fire in Baltimore Rowhome

An unattended pot on the stove caused extensive smoke and soot damage not only to the home that the fire originated in but also to the neighboring homes on each side.